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Sleuths India is a private detective agency in Delhi that has been relentlessly gaining people conviction and moral values for its glorious work for more than 18 years. We have acquired a prestigious dominance in the market presence by virtue of our high work ethics, the dedication of our squad teams working nationwide, coordination and integrity. We have acclaimed an award-winning reputation for providing a wide range of investigation services to our record of clientele across the country. We are a leading detective agency in Delhi who deploys the most sophisticated technologies and gadgets and even possess the largest team of investigators in the field.

Detective’s and private investigators have a long history of their own. They were being admired for their divergent thinking, reasoning and problem-solving methodologies from a long time. Since the world has changed from what it happened to be some decades ago and enough has changed till now and so does the circumstances, threats, and the ways of committing a nuisance. Today, personal investigators have access to most intricate surveillance technology and are incredibly refined and professional in their approach to tackle even the most sophisticated problems. We have the most sophisticated yet efficient web of spies or investigating officers spread all across the metro cities working not only getting you the depth and range of information but also keep your information confidential and secure.

We are a dynamic and professional workforce of experienced investigators who strive hard to protect the rights and dignity of an individual or entity by using the investigation principle and speculation. Our crew of private detectives in Delhi are hired for a divergent range of services including love affairs, fraud investigation, pre-marriage investigation, insurance claims, divorce investigation, property issues, surveillance etc. We also have a wide range of services for corporate espionage such as background checking, employee cheating, IPR Investigations etc.

Being a leading female detective agency in Delhi, we aim to develop repository information of methodologies, affairs, and counter strike for the detrimental activities that are happening at the corporate and individual level. Our in-depth professional investigation of scheduled offences using the latest scientific methods of investigation and gadgets will ensure effective and speedy trials.

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We promise to keep your credential 100% secure with us. We have the most loyal and trustworthy detectives working with us for many years. Their flawless work keeps us revive in the eye’s of our prestigious client and we take care to make it last forever.

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Sleuths India is a best detective agency in Delhi. Our professional detectives have solved thousands of cases carrying robust investigation and delivering terrific results. We believe in developing a reliable relationship with our clients by keeping the credentials and secret information regarding the case intact. With an experience of more than 18 years and we have mastered the art of doing our work with supreme accuracy and precision. We promise to offer excellent service as private detectives and that’s how we have secured a trustworthy image in the market.

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Sleuth India is an unmatched leader in the field of investigation, recognised for using its innovative approach and methodologies to break through the objective of procuring information. Over the past few years, we have emerged out as a popular detective agency in some of the metro cities i.e. best detective agency in Delhi, best detective agency in Mumbai and best detective agency in Bangalore. Our services are mainly concerned with handling three spheres of investigation i.e. corporate investigations, personal investigations, and forensic investigation etc. Apart from these services, we also assist you in keeping up the surveillance, spying gadgets, sting operation etc. With our full range of services and our glorious working experiences, we assure you a high level of success in getting your job done with precision.


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