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Detective Agency in Bangalore

Sleuth's India a private detective agency in Bangalore is gaining the momentum in south India because of its glorious services and rich experience of tracing down the hidden facts and finding missing clues. Our professional investigator helps you unleash the hidden truth by carrying out the operation that may range from miniscule to massive to save the society and culture for a future generation. Our services are highly looked for cases of robbery, theft, assault, unscrupulous business practices, keeping an eye on life partner and many more.

Modern lifestyles have led to rise in criminal activities in Indian society. Now individuals are more interested in making money the wrong way. As a result of which scandals and scams are growing in our social life. Looting, kidnapping, harassment and exploitation are some of the common challenges that are faced by the society. Detective agency in Bangalore provides services related to security, verification and details about the background of an individual.

detective agency in Bangalore

Our professionals have a profound knowledge of computer related issues, like e-mail harassments, unauthorized downloading of material to tackle threats like hacking etc. Other services include the area related to claims like insurance, loss, fraud, cheating etc.

Technical Specialist

Machines like computers, smartphones or tablets have been the greatest advancement in a detective role. It is a great tool in extracting information quickly. Being a leading detective agency in Bangalore investigation work, our personnel stay updated with social networking sites which are also a big tool in gathering information. Though a thorough investigation may include photographs searching to obtain clear figures, searching the person’s history at the workplace, phone call made by the person and income of the person. Even our personnel may also get employed in the workplace of the suspected person to get a clear glimpse of that person. They also make appearances to carry out the operation in the process of investigation.

Privacy Measures

We ensure that none of the close information related to our client gets disclosed during the operation carried out during the investigation. We work closely with the case, taking snaps of every little detail of the place, person and area involved. We even take care to shoot videos only in places that do not have any government regulation/checks. An investigating agency has to strike a balance between the investigation and privacy rules given by the Indian constitution. We as a private investigating agency fully abide by the law so that laws are not breached.