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Divorce Investigation

When a person you love stands together with you in front of God and everyone you know and takes the oath to honour and protect you, that glorious moment left you with the feeling of contentment that lasts a lifetime. But unfortunately, that trust doesn’t always last. And the circumstances of divorce cases may arise because of some particularly ugly reasons like adultery and abuse. Sleuth’s India is a premier investigating agency with many years of experience in dealing with hundreds of divorce cases for our clients and helped them parted ways as cordially as needed.

Our skilled private investigator will go out of their way to support your purpose of investigation. We assure you that our agents do their job so discreetly without being obtrusive and raising the spouse’s ire to help you discover the facts about your spouse. We also save you the work and time you will take to follow your spouse and guard you against the emotional outrage triggered by seeing evidence of infidelity caught red-handed.

In cases of child custody disputes where nothing is more important to a parent going through the divorce than the well being of their children and when one parent is not so financially and emotionally stable to be able to provide the best environment for their children, certainly, the future of the children is at high stakes. However, an investigator can help you determine where to place the children in a divorce.