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Financial Background/ Asset Search

Private investigator conducts asset searches for a wide range of purposes. As a common notion, people would request an asset search to make sure someone is trustworthy. We, at Sleuths India, have helped our clients (individual or entity) by assessing the details and information of the volunteer and come to the inferences derived from the searches. When you incorporate a private investigator to search for assets on your behalf, they will typically look for the following: Bank accounts and Safety deposit boxes, hidden financial background, life insurance policies and pension plans, intangible assets etc. This is just a brief overview of asset searches.

Our profound and knowledgeable team of the expert investigator will help you in narrowing down your choices while giving you clear results by conducting effective asset search. We also strive hard to find out ‘how and where about’ of the wealth someone has hidden with a view to procuring it. We leverage the potential of using our services at cost-effective rates. Sleuths India has secured a reputed position of being a trusted entity among the highly acclaimed private detectives in Delhi for providing the most successful and customized asses verification services to our esteemed clients.