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Pre Matrimonial Checks

The traditional way of matching the perfect spouse in India has been revolutionized, it is because of emerging new ways of hunting down the choices for perfect bride/groom. Unlike the old ways when marriages used to be a grand ceremony for two known families, the current institution of marriage remains the same except that most arranged marriages came across the idea of the perfect match through unfamiliar sources such as websites and newspaper ads. This is exactly where the suspicions start wondering in the minds of families about the generosity of information they have been provided from their perspective sides.

Sleuth’s India is one of the trusted pre-matrimonial detective agencies that help individuals and families get detailed information about the prospective side of bride/groom. The detailed information may include the financial check, employment or business details, relationship status check, and criminal backgrounds if any, qualification match, bad habit including alcohol or drug etc. Our agents are capable of targeting an unfaithful lover and maintaining a steady watch 24 hours a day. We are fully equipped with edge cutting equipment and manpower to conduct a proper pre-matrimonial investigation to unleash the truth and facts that will clear your mind of any suspicion.

For most of our clients, we have been able to reveal the truth by verifying the faithfulness of a fiancé before the wedding. Above all, whether good or bad you will know the truth of a person you intend to marry that certainly is an information worth needed.