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Sweeping & De-bugging

Do you have a suspicion that someone is eavesdropping on you all the time? Or you sometimes doubt of being watched? Advancement in technology has allowed some sophisticated equipment known as bugging devices to do the job of eavesdropping for the person using it. Certainly, this person has no good intention over you or your organisations and can leave a devastating impact on you. These bugging devices are miniscule in size and therefore impossible to detect and discard, also they can be secretly placed in almirahs, drawer, clocks, carpet area, furniture etc.

If you feel that someone is secretly spying on you and transmitting your crucial information than chances are that your house/office has been bugged. Bugs can harm you personally, financially and professionally. Moreover, audio or video can be recorded and transmitted for personal benefits. If you ever feel that your office area or your home is being watched, take certain measures to preserve your privacy and hire an expert who can investigate into these matters. Sleuth’s India is a premium investigating agency with a remarkable track record of providing debugging and sweeping services to clientele across various industry verticals.

We have a well trained and experienced team of experts who can certainly detect the bugs and make sure that sweeping the area has resolved every risk involved. Our agents are skilled enough to take proper inspection of the area and can easily detect and deactivate any possible machine that can jeopardize your personal or business security.